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Custom Built Furniture

Australian Shearers Table Conversion


Australian Red Cedar Custom
Built Bookshelves


Queensland Supreme Court  Library Bookshelves

In 1968 The Queensland Supreme Court building was destroyed in an arson attack. Nearly 40 years on we have been privately commisioned to reproduce three of the original Cedar bookshelves, from the Supreme Court Library, that were destroyed in that fire. Three bookshelves with sideboard bases and one large standalone bookshelf were reproduced using the original entablature and carvings that were salvaged before the demolition of the old building. 

Construction of the three bookcases

The offical opening of the new library
Hosted by Kevin Rudd

​KLP Restorations, Brisbane & SE QLD

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  • Custom designed furniture

  • traditional and modern polishing methods

  • specialty polish finishes

  • Wood carving and wood turning

  • traditional and modern cabinetry methods

  • water, mould and fire damage repairs

  • antique furniture restoration

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  • furniture repairs

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