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About Us


Owners: Kane & Morgan Palliaer


A ton of it! We have worked on so many different projects over the past 25yrs from restoring arm chairs that once belonged to Marlyn Monroe to reconstructing Bookcases from the supreme court of Qld library that burnt down in the 60's. We love what we do and we cant get enough of it!

Antiques are our passion and it is our mission to restore antiques back to their original condition using the same  (where possible) traditional cabinetry and polishing methods that would have originaly been used in the creation of the piece. 

​KLP Restorations, Brisbane & SE QLD

  • Structural chair and table re-glue

  • Non-caustic polish and paint removal

  • traditional and modern polishing methods

  • specialty polish finishes

  • Wood carving and wood turning

  • traditional and modern cabinetry methods

  • water, mould and fire damage repairs

  • antique furniture restoration

  • Upholstery Brisbane

  • Custom built furniture

  • Furniture repairs Brisbane

  • antiques

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