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Veneer Restoration and Repairs

Brisbane Veneer restoration and repair.

We specialise in the restoration of antique veneered and inlayed furniture pieces and specialty items. 


Veneer refers to thin slices of wood, usually thinner than 3 mm, that are glued onto either solid timber/wood panels or other materials such as particle board. Specialty and exotic timbers are most commonly used for veneers.

Veneer is very fine and is held to the wood panel with a thin layer of glue. Extreme care needs to be taken when stripping the old finish as what is used to remove the polish also removes the glue. If the glue beneath the veneer starts to dissolve the veneer will come off.  As a restorer one of the most challenging polishes we have had to remove, and protect the veneer in the process, was the 2 pac finish on the dashboard of the Rolls Royce pictured below. 

 For a more detailed explanation I would recommend reading the following article from Wikipedia:

Or if you really want to expand you Veneer knowledge base check this out:


For a very interesting and informative read on the history of veneer I would recommend the website: History of wood veneer

Rolls Royce

Non-caustic hand strip of the original 'crazed' polished finish from the burl veneer and re-polishing back to original condition. When a polish becomes 'crazed' noticeable cracks appear in the surface of the polished finish. When this happens the timber under the surface of the polish can become susceptible to the elements and the underlying veneer is at risk of serious damage. If crazing appears it is important to have the effected polish removed and a new finish applied to protect the veneer and maximise longevity. Crazing is more common with modern , fast drying, surface finishes like polyurethane, 2 Pac and lacquer. You might see examples of 'crazing' commonly on dining table tops when light is reflecting off the surface. See below for a picture example of a crazed dining table top. 

Crazed or cracked polish finish on a dinngtable top

A good example of what a crazed / cracked finish may look like on a table top.

​KLP Restorations, Brisbane & SE QLD

  • Structural chair and table re-glue

  • Non-caustic polish and paint removal

  • traditional and modern polishing methods

  • specialty polish finishes

  • Wood carving and wood turning

  • veneer and inlay repairs

  • traditional and modern cabinetry methods

  • water, mould and fire damage repairs

  • antique furniture restoration

  • Furniture repairs Brisbane

  • antiques

  • furniture repairs

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